The battle of the keep


The boys were typically teenagerish tonight: short attention span, silly, joking. Occasionally wandering off for no reason. The bulk of that I lay at the timing, so close to Xmas, plus maybe too much sugar.

That said the night was still a success. The 3 elves and a halfling rogue were able to make it to the keep. Once there they did their best to find a sneaky way into the keep and try to get what they wanted with minimal risk.

Their plan was failed by a loud trip by the Paladin, causing his armor to make a loud crash. This led to a series of battles as wave upon wave of defenders attacked the party.

Twice the champion was knocked unconscious and had to be revived. Once the Paladin was also knocked out. In the end the party was unable to save one target, when one bad guy used the battles as a chance to run away.

But they did find a clue that will lead them to the next phase of the adventure, an old Dwarven mine. And it is hoped that there they will find clues to their ultimate goal.


At the end of the night: many monsters, 3 frozen pizzas, 4 liters of root beer and a bag of chips. And 3 players leveled up.


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