The battle of Wyvern Tor


It was a long night, the game stretched a full 4 hours. We were down 1 player, but they chose to keep playing instead of running the one shot game I created. There was the usual teenage ADD, but they stuck with the game for the most part. And in the end , amidst much carnage, the party had stopped an invasion of dragon cultists.

Having killed the bugbear lord, Cragmaw, and cleared his hideout, the party moved on to the town of Philander. There they discovered that the town was clear of the Red band outlaws. And the lost mine of Phandelver had been cleared of the undead scourge.

Dwarves were returning to reclaim the mine. Mages and artisans were coming in to set up shop and craft new magic items and build a new town. But there were threats on the horizon. And word had come from diviners that there was once a Valra tomb in the area of Wyvern Tor.

Off the group went, leaving their sorcerer behind in Philander, but accompanied by the priest of Life, Thorn. Thorn was on his way to the ruins of an old Necromancers tower in the area.

The party camped near the Tor, and began to explore the ruins in the area. Their first night they were surprised by a Kobold raiding party. The party was able to defeat the kobolds with little injury after targeting the Kobold leader.

But there was little time to rest as a raiding party of cultists came into the area. The cultist warlock quickly disabled the halfling rogue. And surrounded the redoubtable warrior Belial. But the efforts of Katherine the quick, running and diving all over the field kept the others busy, while Belial eventually vanquished that those facing him.

The attacks kept coming the following day, as a band of Orcs assaulted the position. Again the attacks were repelled. As the party was able to use the Orcs chaotic nature against them.

On the fourth day, the group began to uncover what appeared to be an entrance to a cavern. But as they dug with excitement they failed to see a Hobgoblin patrol come on them. Belial reacted with normal resolve, charging into the front rank of the creatures. Katherine tried to once again employ her crafty strategist of maneuver. But the Hobgoblins discipline foiled her.

The party was aided by the timely appearance do Thorn, whose aid and healing kept the party fighting and distracting the Hobgoblin archers, who executed a withdrawal when their Captain was defeated by Belial. The party was able hold their position, and were relieved the next day by a regular force of defenders.

They will return to the cavern soon, with a plan to explore and see what they have unearthed.


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