Be very quiet, they’re hunting dragons


Tonight’s lesson: how to cooperate, use each other’s skills. Work as a team. And how to use all of that to bring down the biggest of monsters.

I employed my new technique for teaching how to use the spell slots for the Sorcerer. And continued to employ the miniatures and the grid for battles.

They are beginning to get the hang of battle in general, initiative order working better. Of course holding attention is still a problem, but that is just teenage ADD.

But in the end the valley was cleared. The gnoll pack was chased off with minimal casualties. The ogres were killed with remarkable ease. And the lizard men went down quickly.

The last battle with the dragon went surprisingly quickly. The kids now know just how big a punch they pack. Which was really my goal for the day. For them to be vulnerable, but still realize how powerful they could be when they use all their skills.

The boys were very happy with the final result. Asked me to find another monster to kill so they could level up. I couldn’t do that today but told them that next time they would get that level for sure.


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