A dragon hunt

Recovering from their multiple battles around Wyvern Tor the party relaxed. They cleaned up the area, counted their newly acquired treasures, argued over magic items. Late in the day they saw a group of five figures approaching from the north, eventually getting close enough to recognize one as Bobjon.

The group came forward and introduced themselves,

“I am Marakoth, Dragon Hunter, the dwarf is Gotek the slayer, the elf Ethoriel, and last the Ranger Aragoth. Have you seen or fought any dragons in your battles in this area?”

When the answer was no the group began to leave, but were interrupted by an earthquake, throwing some of the heroes to the ground. This was followed by Marakoth sighting a flight of 3 dragons heading over them, heading to the southwest. The new party began to leave with haste, following the dragons as best they could.

Our party at first tried to follow and join the new hunters. But they were rebuffed by Marakoth.

“We work as a team, we cannot bring on new members for this hunt, it is too dangerous to trust new adventurers. But wait here for the arrival of the Ranger Franx, whom we expected to meet here with news of Dragon lairs in the mountains.”

Frustrated the group agreed and caught up with Bobjon on their tales of the adventure. The next day the ranger Franx did arrive, dusty from travelling from the southwest. He inquired about Marakoth, but when he was told they had already left he gave his report to the party, deeming it more important that someone act on the news. He had located the lair of a young Black Dragon. It had coerced some Gnolls and Ogres to watch the entrance to it’s cavern. Franx was worried that if this was allowed to continue to grow that more Gnolls and Ogres would come, while the Dragon only grew.

The party left the next day, traveling into the mountains 2 days southwest. Once they found the Gnolls they spread out and tried to advance with some caution, having sent their rogue out to scout the area. Their attempts at stealth failed however, alerting the Gnolls. But the party advanced and attacked. Belial charged into the midst of the Gnolls, allowing himself to be surrounded, trusting his armor and faith to protect him. Katherine charged and challenged the Gnoll Pack lord in single combat, which he agreed to. Leaving the rogue and Bobjon to pick off the other Gnolls. This new tactic worked far better for them, as Belial laid waste to those Gnolls foolish enough to fight him, while Katherine defeated the Pack Lord. After seeing so many of their pack defeated the remaining Gnolls fled.

The party recovered and rested and planned how to defeat the Ogres. Again, they wisely let the rogue scout ahead and then came up with a battle plan. When the Rogue started the fight by attempting to slit the throat of one Ogre the others joined in. Katherine jumped from the wall to stand on the Ogre Chief’s shoulders while striking at him with her axe. One of the ogres tried to counter this by striking at Katherine, only to hit the chief instead. This led to the Ogres striking each other down. Meanwhile, Belial fought the other Ogres to a standstill, until the rest of the party was able to jump in and help him out.

After recovering the group ventured down into the cavern. Again the scouting of the rogue revealed the location of the enemy: a group of lizardmen lounging in a subterranean pool. This time their intended plan fell apart as Belial, feeling his oats charged forth into the mass of lizardmen. However it was not a fatal error as he was able to make quick work of the lizardmen, as the others did as well. The rogue and Katherine began to explore the cavern while Belial and Bobjon rested. The rogue quietly discovered the Dragon sleeping in an adjoining cavern, but he could not prevent Katherine from stumbling up behind him, awakening the Dragon.

The Dragon charged forth, with Katherine bravely standing in its way. The rogue ran to let the others know what was coming. Prompting Belial to charge forth to stand with Katherine, who had already dealt the Dragon a mighty blow, only to receive two in return. While Bobjon came up to get a better angle, and the rogue began to rain arrow fire on the Dragon, Katherine and Belial stood their ground. And for that they received a cloud of poison breath. Katherine succumbed as Bobjon unleashed his mightiest spell, a fireball scroll, on the Dragon, which could not dodge the blast. The rogue was able to thrust a healing potion on Katherine, returning her to fight. But things still seemed bleak when the Dragon unleashed another cloud of poison gas, this time on Belial and the rogue. But Bobjon attacked with another mighty spell, and Katherine summoned up her reserves for a last mighty blow, killing the Dragon.

Who knows what mysteries and treasure lay in the Dragons cavern? Only further exploration will tell.

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