How To Play the Evil Mastermind

This, this is what I wish the ‘Evil’ characters who played in some of my college games could have read first.

Masks of Monsters


There has always existed a trend in party alignment. The majority of the party picks Good if they’re playing a classic D&D game. Evil, if they’re playing a dark campaign. Or Neutral, because they can’t be bothered post-murder to invent reasons why the mayor of Whoville had to have his intestines tied to the sleigh before it was pushed down the hill.

Then, every once in a blue moon, you get the player who thinks he can pull off an evil character in the midst of a good group. Be it hubris, folly, or the belief that an evil alignment is a blank check for slaughter and theft, this misconception usually corrects itself when the party Paladin is forced to cut off his thieving hands, if for no other reason than to placate his own good-aligned god.

I find, without exception, players pick evil in Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons…

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