Rediscovering the best part of rôle playing

I went to Denver for my friends game on Sunday. I had a great time with the new character and he definitely fit in better with the rest of the group. An archer definitely improves the group combat chemistry. And I spent the entire drive home doing one of my favorite things.

There’s nothing quite like spending my time strategizing about my character and what I will do with it. What I will do to improve it. How to make him more effective in combat. That has always been one of my favorite things about role playing games.

And it is always the measure of a good game if I spend at least some of the time between sessions working on my character. Or at least thinking about the adventure.

In this case my character Viper had advanced a level. So he had to choose some new powers. Plus his animal companion had a number of skills and powers to add. So I spent a while figuring all that out. It was just a lot of fun, a great mental exercise.

That naturally led to my thinking and planning the next step in the boy’s campaign. And how I can continue to keep it interesting for the boys and myself. It is all a part of what makes this such an interesting hobby.


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