Cause I’m the DM, I can make it what I want

First, a little background. I have really enjoyed using the miniatures in the boys campaign, I think it has made a big difference in how the battles go. Letting them visualize where their characters are, and what they are doing is a big help I think.

But there’s bit of a limit, because my selection of miniatures is limited to the armies I collected. As far as Fantasy games I pretty much only have standard looking middle ages human soldiers, lizardmen, and s smattering of other stuff that I have been using. But I don’t exactly have a great selection of other types of figures: Orcs, Goblins, undead. But then it hit me, I do have a large collection of another type of figures. But using them would require the boys to accept some serious proxy figures (which is not their strong point) or a change in the campaign. Then today it hit me, I’m the DM, and this is a group of beginner kids, so I can make the game what I want.

At the end of this week’s adventure (or actually part of the way through) the group will find themselves magically transported to another world (or part of the world.) Because what I do have is a large collection of miniatures from the game Clan War. Which was an excellent table top miniature game set in a fantasy style medieval Japan. Anyway theses are some really cool miniatures, and I really liked how a lot of them look.

And these miniatures have inspired me. And since the boys are not exactly entrenched in the world, or realizing where they are, I can pretty much drop them where I want, roll out some opponents, and boom there’s your game.

It will take a little work on my part, to translate what some of these figures represent. Either use an existing Stat block, or modify some existing ones. And I can even mix and match up some if I want, throw in some of my other existing forces. I am pretty excited about all of this. I will make it easy as far as not messing with language stuff (since I don’t speak Japanese but one of the boys does & no reason to embarrass anyone with terrible pronunciation.) But in the end I will do it because I can, cause I’m the DM!

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