The Tomb of Yukiro the Hideous


After defeating the dragon last week the party rested in the cavern. While they slept the rogue snuck off, having decided that battles with dragons and ogres were no longer worth the treasure. After waking to find him gone the elves moved back to the dragon’s cavern to look for more treasure. When there was a blinding flash and the woke to find themselves falling in a cave.

When they reached the bottom, with a hard fall, they found themselves in a different cavern. And with little time to recover from those wounds before the arrival of some very hungry carrion crawlers. They managed to defeat them without succumbing to poison. And they were able to rest after that. It was a pretty successful encounter as the Paladin and Champion were both able to level up, making them extra dangerous now.

There was only one way out of the cavern, and into the adjoining cavern, where again there was only 1 exit. Exiting that they found themselves at the top of a long set of stairs leading down. The stairs led down for quite a while, but eventually they found themselves at what looked like the doors of a temple. Readying themselves the group opened the doors. Only to be swarmed by a group of hungry ghouls, bent on their destruction. However, the ghouls found that these were elves, immune to their poison, and dangerous ones to boot. The ghouls were eventually all killed, but only after Katherine took a lot of damage. But they survived, and were able to rest before venturing forward.

Exiting the temple the group found themselves in a long, dark hallway. And set upon by Spectres every step of the way. But they made short work of the Spectres, with Belial and Katherine basically killing one every turn (DM seriously underestimated the groups strength.) So they arrived at the last set of doors having barely broken a sweat. And they then geared up for what they assumed was the last big fight.

Opening the last doors the group awoke the wraith of Yukiro the Hideous, and his animated armor guards. Yukiro scared them, but again the were able to just destroy everything in their path with little real effort. They banished Yukiro, looted his cavern, and then found a way out.

A way that led to spending 5 long days trying to make their way out of the mountain. Eventually running out of food and almost water. Fighting a gelatinous cube, but no other monsters. Coming out of the mountain the group found themselves in an unfamiliar valley. Eventually making their way down the valley to a small village they found that they had somehow ended up on the opposite side of the world, in the strange land of Kara Tur. And they were there in a small village, with still no way to spend all of this loot they had accumulated.

Lessons they learned: they are far more formidable than they realized. That Undead are maybe not all that scary. And that now they will need to figure out how to return to New Neverwinter.


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