Realized that not every idea will work

A while back I had this idea. What would it look like if you tried to push a Zombie Apocalypse in a D&D campaign. I mean the basic visuals are cool: characters that are already used to killing with hand weapons getting to deal with zombies. Or big monsters being swarmed and brought down, like Ogres, or giants or even a Dragon. That would just be cool.

But the deeper I get into the fantasy worlds, reading the Forgotten Realms books and playing the games, the more I realize that just wouldn’t work. For one simple reason: Clerics. When you have an entire character class whose power is repelling and/or controlling undead there just doesn’t seem to be much point to an zombie invasion. They would be stopped in their tracks, and even destroyed. It would be cool, and part of the idea could still be used by an invasion of a Necromancer, but the horror element goes away.

The other idea I had was of playing a Paladin more as a Jedi Knight. Not necessarily the cliched goody two shoes type of Paladins out there. Or some sort of super holy avenger type. But instead a reserved, diplomatic type, who does his best to solve problems without battle. I’m not giving up on this, but have to find the right type of game for it. The boys just don’t grasp the subtle pieces of that kind of Paladin. And the game style of the Denver game doesn’t allow for someone who tries to avoid battle. I might still get there with this one.

The point is that as a DM, I have to be like a sponge when it comes to ideas. Ideas can come from everywhere. But sometimes the sponge needs to get squeezed out a little in order to work properly.

Thinking about this does make me miss my old group, because I felt a lot freer to try different ideas there, even if I didn’t always keep them going. One of my favorites was in a Savage Worlds game where the players are Super Villains in a world where an invading Alien race has killed off all the Super Heroes, so it looks to the Villains to lead the resistance. In that game I chose to play the Kurgan from the Highlander movie, that was a lot of fun. But the game just couldn’t keep up momentum, and life pulled me out of it.


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