Defending Rose Valley


The Elves took a couple of days in the village in Rose Valley. They recovered from nearly starving to death in their journey through the caverns. They began to learn about the land they were in.

Their rest was interrupted by the arrival of a patrol of Clan Phoenix hobgoblin soldiers. The patrol was there to claim the valley on behalf of the Phoenix clan. The elves boldly stepped forward to defend the village. Defeating the patrol handily, they were thanked and feasted for their help.

The next day they split up to scout the valley, leaving Belial to defend the village. On their return they heard alarm bells again from the north. They rushed to help, finding Belial engaged with the Hobgoblin swordmaster in single combat. Bobjon strove to help by casting a fireball at the Hobgoblin support forces. In the ensuing battle Belial was victorious against the sword master, while Kathren managed to defeat the other soldiers. However Bobjon was knocked unconscious by targeted spells and archery.

While reveling in victory an emissary of the Dragon Clan arrived to offer the group a chance to come with him to the Phoenix lands to join forces to save the land and hopefully return to their own lands. They took up the offer and left to journey south out of the valley.

On their way through the woods they were ambushed by an ogre war party. Bobjon was able to help the party with some spells and then went off into the woods to try to locate the hidden archer, leaving Belial and Kathren to fight the ogres. Which they did, defeating them quickly. However Bobjon was ambushed by the archer who knocked him unconscious. Fortunately they were able to locate him and killed the archer and saved Bobjon from death.

From there the party left the valley. Turning to see the mass of the Phoenix army move into the valley. They vowed to return and free the village soon.

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