Any time I can work this in I’ve gotta do it #BigTroubleinLittleChina

Working on the Boy’s campaign. Developing an encounter in a temple when it occurred to me that this would be the perfect time to throw these guys into the game:


Because if I can throw the 3 storms at a group, I really have no choice. Poor boys, they won’t know what hit them!

If you are not familiar (shame on you), get the to Netflix and watch Big Trouble in Little China! These are 3 bad guy martial art demons with distinct powers. And this will be the third time I have worked them into a game as opponents for players to try and deal with.

As I do this I wonder, working with these teenage boys, what happened to our national curiosity/obsession with Japan, the Orient, martial arts in general? When I was growing up the idea of taking karate was on people’s  minds, and the mythical powers of karate masters were everywhere. Then we became obsessed with Japan and the Samurai code of honor, and The Art of War.

But now that is gone, these boys could care less about Samurai, or Ninja. Oh the figures I use are cool, but the idea that I had moved the campaign to that world has limited fascination for them. Where I remember creating a Samurai, Ninja and other character classes soon after I started playing, it was just what we did.


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