Recovering the Daisho


From an attack by Drow assassins, to the Temple of Kwaling, the party journeyed, beset by numerous foes. But they persevered and recovered the Daisho of Shinjo.

After a day of shopping in the Nikkei Fortress magical shopping districts the group settled down for an evening in the guarded fortress. However the guards proved not to be very good at their job. Or the Drow Assassins that penetrated the fortress were quite good at their job. Either way they attempted to kill the strangers. Their attack was quickly foiled by the elves and their new halfling companion. This prompted the Daimyo and his shugenja to further research the strangers and their presence.

What they found was that the mysterious armor now worn by Belial had once belonged to the great hero Shinjo. And their readings showed that the possessor of Shinjo’s Triad, the armor, his swords (the Daisho), and the Pearl of power, would be able to control and possibly close the portal at Hengokai. So the Elves were given provisions and directions to the Temple of Kwaling, where the Daisho would be found.  And from there they could then go to the Caverns of Chunekei to find the Pearl of Power. But this journey would by necessity lead through the old battleground and cursed land of the Hills of Sorrow.

The journey through the land was uneventful until the second day into the Hills. When their journey was interrupted by an ambush of 2 chaos creatures. 2 Red Slaad came over a hill to attack the group. They were eventually able to defeat the Slaad, despite the creatures miraculous self healing powers.

After a few days of rest and recovery the group finally reached the Temple of Kwaling. They found what at first appeared to a welcoming committee. Priests who urged the party to go elsewhere. But they revealed themselves to not be welcoming, and attempted to poison the party. An attempt that led to a fight right there on the Temple steps. The arrows of the ‘priests’ did great damage, rendering both Bobjon and Nare DuWell unconscious before Belial and Kathren were able to overcome the defenders. After some recovery time the group decided to enter the Temple proper.

They were initially met by a group of three monks whose speed initially surprised the group, but were quickly dispatched, proving no match for the armor and weapons of the party. While searching the temple the group was surprised by the opening of a hidden door and the arrival of 2 snake men archers. Belial heroically stood in the way, holding the entrance. Which prompted the arrival of the great Snake itself, whose mere presence caused Bobjon to flee. Turning to see Kathren and Belial looking to be overwhelmed by the Great Snake and his archers Bobjon made a decision to call forth a barrage of fireballs. Fireballs that ended the lives of the Snakes, but also rendered Kathren unconscious. Fortunately the bard Nare DuWell was able to return Kathren and Belial to consciousness.

Further searching allowed the group to uncover a small cache of treasure, and more importantly the Daisho were claimed by Belial. However, upon finding them he began to slowly learn the true nature of Shinjo.


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