Clearly I must do this #roleplayinggames #painting

Ever since the first time I played in my Denver game I have been thinking about miniatures. Specifically their use while role playing. And it has been more present since I introduced their use with the boys in their game. While not every role playing game or group requires the use of miniatures it is very handy for D & D games.

So a couple of weeks ago I was looking at miniatures at the Gamers Haven, my Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS.) And earlier this week I was pondering miniatures and painting, and did some online searches for figures, which led to paints and thinking about it all.

Then one of my new favorite web sites, Mad Adventurers Society, had a post yesterday that I am taking as a clear sign that it is now time to pick up my brushes again.

Getting Equipped

This post really got me thinking about painting. And gave me the inspiration to go this weekend and really clean out my paints and brushes. Get rid of pretty much every pot I have and brush. And then go out and buy a new set of paints and brushes. And then do an honest cataloging of my miniatures, figure out what needs painting and what doesn’t and how I can use them for role playing.

Because that is my focus, I just don’t have the mental bandwidth to get back into table top gaming at this point. And the big games that are out there are just too crazy to get back into. I used to enjoy the Warhammer games. But the best phrase I have heard about them is that they simply have too many moving parts. Too many armies or factions, too many sets, too many rules. If I get back into table top it would be with one of the simpler games, with just one set of rules and a simple, limited amount of army lists to pay attention to.

No, for now my painting focus will be one figure at a time, with the plan of ‘can I use this for role playing?’. Because that is when painting is fun for me: one figure at a time, without worrying about replicating the paint job on 5 or 10 or 100 other figures. I will post my progress when I get started on this.


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