The 5e Overland Travel Montage

This is an interesting idea. Not sure if the boys are up to it. But I can think of some other groups that would enjoy it.

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One of the things I’ve had to deal with in the 5e game that takes place in the 2nd Ed. era of the Forgotten Realms is overland travel. That map is huge! And there are quite a few empty spots along the way (one of the reasons why I’m switching to the 3e map actually, but I digress). Overland travel can be a tricky thing to navigate through when you’re a new DM, and the DMG sort of tells you to hand wave it and make it a quick, but evocative couple of lines and move on to the destination. Older version of the game asked for tons of random encounter rolls, something that can be interesting if used sporadically, but ultimately work as filler to do something while you travel. That’s to say, it’s not very rewarding, but it will give you necessary XP. That’s not to say that…

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