The Cavern of Chunekei #DnD #Roleplaying

The journey from the temple of Kwaling through the hills of Sorrow were cold, dreary and overcast. The group found they were traveling parallel to a group of Zombies and Shadows, a path that became a race to the Caverns.

Arriving at the waterfall entrance to the Caverns the group realized that they would have to fight at least some of the Zombies in order to reach the entrance to the Caverns. The group began to fragment, racing towards the zombies at different routes. Not focused on just trying to get down the causeway to the the gate. They were able to eventually destroy enough of the Zombies and Shadows to get on to the causeway ahead of them and get in the gate safely, but it was an exhausting fight. It was a close call, as the group failed to approach the battle in a decent tactical formation or plan. Instead they started with the approach of trying to kill all the zombies, before realizing that there were too many zombies for that.

Getting through the gate, and closing it the group found themselves in the entrance room for the Cavern. It was safe enough for them to rest before trying to find the Amulet. They separated in their search for the Amulet room but arrived in the main room at the same time. Belial and Kathren ventured forth onto the pedestal in the middle of the room. When Belial picked up the Amulet and turned to leave the guardians of the Amulet made themselves known. 6 seemingly harmless statues animated into Helmed Horrors, and began to converge on Belial and Kathren.

A desperate fight promptly ensued. The 2 warriors found themselves surrounded and having to fight for their lives. Bobjon attempted to help, but found that his most effective spells had no effect on the Horrors. And Nere Du Well was also ineffective at first, beyond calling forth a few animals to help in the fight. But the warriors began to prevail, gradually wiping out the Horrors, and the last one was taken down by the spells of Bobjon.

The party then retreated to the entrance room, hoping for some rest. They got in most of a days rest when the Shadow Lord made it’s presence known, attacking Belial viciously. The rest of the group leapt to battle, but were unable to do much before the dragon unleashed it’s terrible breath weapon, killing Nare Du Well, knocking Kathren and Belial unconscious. Valiant Bobjon was able to do what was needed. Providing some emergency aid to bring Kathren back to consciousness.

Kathren seized the opportunity to attack the Dragon again, inflicting terrible wounds. Bobjon could scarcely believe his eyes as Belial arose, seemingly dead, and went to the door, admitting the zombies that were waiting outside. But the zombies were now under the control of Belial, who had become a creature of Shadow. So the zombies attacked the Dragon, distracting it just enough.

For then Bobjon finally unleashed all that he could, firing magical bolt after magical bolt into the creature, until it collapsed. But not before the creature once again knocked Kathren unconscious with a round of ferocious attacks.

Kathren was healed again by Bobjon and the two of them made their way out of the Cavern to find Belial’s shade commanding the zombies. They also saw a group of white robed Priests making their way down the causeway. The head priest brought Belial back from his possession, and offered him the chance to be rid of the curse of the Triad.  A chance that Belial accepted.

Now the group was all restored to life and health by the priests and given the supplies they needed to journey forth in the Empire, free of any obligations, with only a wish to find a way home. They were also given a guide in a young Priest named Hideki, whose curiosity about other lands rendered him unsuitable for the quiet life in a Monastery.


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