This time I am ready #Roleplaying

Viper crouched in the doorway of the mansion, waiting for the others to come back upstairs. He had been down there once already, claimed some treasure items. But that was no longer his focus, now his focus was on the Temple, and how he was going to reclaim his dignity. He would lead them this time, he would be ready, and he would do his part to clear this place of the Undead filth that prevented Nature from claiming it’s due.

I’ve spent 2 weeks stewing over that performance the last time I played in my Denver game. I didn’t necessarily do anything wrong. I just didn’t play my character to full potential. But I have spent 2 weeks going over the rules. I have typed and retyped my character so I know all the rules that will apply in the situations I will encounter.

That’s right, I am a planner, not so much a power player as closer to the notorious min/max types. I’m not going to argue over the rules, the DM’s word is law. But by golly I know what my character can do now. I know what his dice targets are, what things make sense for him to try and which ones do not. No more wasted time trying to decide what is the best course of action, and what will a spell do or not do.

I know this is not a contest, but I hate playing unprepared. I want my character to act by reflex. I mentioned a few weeks ago, after the last time I played, that practice is important in role playing just like in anything else. Well now I have had time read what I will be doing, and am ready to make the most of it. My adjustments should be automatic. I am ready and looking forward to it.


Viper had joined this group to act as a scout, and to help destroy Undead filth. Well now it was his turn to show them what he could really do. Now that he had added that fine edged Scimitar to his armory and had time to think about fighting in this jungle of rocks and stone, instead of his beloved mountains, he was ready, ready to help the Paladin purge this Temple!


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