When fighting becomes the adventure #DnD #Roleplaying

As the sun set Viper looked back at the city, knowing they would return. He was satisfied with his work, and happy to have been a part of restoring the Temple of Iomadae to it’s place, ending the desecration of the Undead Filth. He had done his part in the fight, both with his arrows, and with the new scimitar he had acquired. And Iomadae had seen that, rewarding him with a blessing of Valor. 

When we wound up the game on Sunday the DM mentioned that we had just had a 5 hour fight. And it hardly felt like that. Not all role playing is about battles, in fact many of the best times I have had role playing did not involve battles. But there is something especially satisfying in completing a session like that.

My character held his own this time, dealing the final blows to one of the big bad guys, and single handedly defeating another with one rounds worth of blows. I felt like I was ready, I knew what I had to roll, I was able to think about the bigger battle rather than just focusing on keeping alive. The game slowed down for me, with the dice rolls turning into the reflex part.

Yeah it was grueling to be in that long of a battle. When I told Jimmy about it he could not believe that it had happened. He couldn’t see how any fight could last that long. Admittedly part of that was system differences, we were playing Pathfinder rather than Dungeons & Dragons 5E, which is what he has played. And certain things are just different between the systems. And a part of it is the DM, while I like to come close to being like the Denver guy, I am not as good at crafting huge battles as he is yet.

Most importantly however, we all had a good time, and I have to admit not having felt like that in a long time. There was one guy in college who ran Shadowrun like that, where every fight felt like an epic struggle. It is hard to achieve that in role playing, taking every player to the edge. It was really fun.


They were going back into the city. He knew that, and he wanted to, he wanted to continue to purge the Undead filth from the world. He was weary now, the fight had been a long struggle. They were all weary, licking their wounds. But there was still more work to be done. And there were some who desired some of that silver they had found. For now they could rest, he would let Fang guard his sleep. And prepare himself for more fighting on the morrow.


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