Phenomenal variation

Talking with a friend today about Star Wars, Clones and how that all worked. In the ‘first’ 3 movies, detailing the beginning and end of the Clone Wars the Republic relies on an army of Clones to fight the bad guys, who are using an army of Droids. The idea being that the Republic did not have a standing army, and needed one right away to fight the Trade Federation and it’s army of mechanical wonders. But we came up with a different, darker take.

Imagine if the Republic, faced with a massive interplanetary war, and a need for an army, turned to massive conscription. And then deployed these massive armies of conscripts like World War Two era Soviets. Imagine huge armies of aliens from all kinds of different planets, armed with basic weapons. Employing wave attack methods to overwhelm armies of Droids.

And to lead them, instead of being brave heroic point men and women the Jedi assumed the role of Commissars. Using their light sabers and Force pushes to force the conscripts forward.

“Forward, you have only your lives to give for the Republic!”

I realize that is a much darker interpretation and variation on the films. But I think it would make for a really interesting visual. If I were better at art I could come up with all kinds of interesting posters and pictures. Showing the Jedi ‘urging’ on the forces of different races against the mechanical foe.

And if the boys had been at all interested that would be a really interesting variant for a science fiction role playing setting. Instead of envisioning these heroic Jedi out front leading the armies or undertaking special missions they are instead the feared leaders. And the players would be stuck in the middle. On the one hand the Jedi are scary, feared leaders of a vast, only partially trained army. But on the other hand the opponents are machines, with no emotions or feelings at all. That is an idea I will keep filed away in the back of my brain should the boys ever show interest in a science fiction game, or if I find another group interested in this scenario.


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