Discovering differences, plus pondering an experiment #DnD #Roleplaying #Pathfinder

I have discovered one thing that I dislike about the Denver game, but it is by no means a deal breaker, just a stylistic issue. Which brings me to my other topic, I am thinking of an experiment with the boys game, not a big change, just a difference.

In Denver we ply the Pathfinder system, which is basically D&D, the 3.5 Edition. The basics are still the same: there are character classes, you roll funny dice, you run in a fantasy setting. And it is fun, the players are all good, the DM is excellent, and he runs a very exciting game. As games go, I have no real quarrel with it.

But there is one element of Pathfinder that I have begun to dislike, it is a crucial element of the combat system, but it kind of drives me nuts. That is the idea of the Opportunity attack. If you want to move your character from attacking one opponent to another one, or leave the melee, or even just move around a little, you will be subject to at least 1 attack out of Initiative order. In some scenarios this is not a big deal, but in this game, where the monsters are pretty much always a near equal to characters that results in movement = death (or injury.) Which promotes very static, boring slug fest battles. And is really in almost direct contradiction to a system that also rewards positioning by granting bonuses for flank and rear attacks.

I wouldn’t be as irritated if I played a character who just chooses to step in and wail about. But the character I have built is designed for movement, and archery. Think Legolas from the LoTR and Hobbit movies. Always moving, stepping from one opponent to the next. You just cannot do that in this system.

And, most importantly, it can really bog down combat. If both sides are afraid to move the game ends up looking like the Revolutionary war era battles. And that is not a lot of fun for some people.

I have accepted that it is part of the game, and the system. I will continue to build and play my character with the idea of movement in mind. And it doesn’t seriously detract from the overall experience, it is just an annoyance. And I have made it clear that the boys game does not work this way, there are no static lines, I encourage them to move their characters.


But while I was thinking of this difference in styles I came up with an idea. If I can find the right people I am going to have some guest DM’s for the boys game. I have already reached out to a few people locally. The idea is to have someone else come in and run a session or 2. I want to give the boys the taste of different styles, different approaches to the game.

I know that I run the games in a certain way. But I think it would be good for the boys to see that is not the only way to run a D&D game. That there are different approaches out there. This will also encourage them to think about running it themselves. and realize that there is a bigger, wider world of gaming out there.


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