Saving a village and making a new enemy #DnD

After saying farewell to Nare Duwell and the Priests of Shonen the party traveled north through the Hills of Sorrow. Coming out to the town of Makori the group were met and flagged down by a distraught villager, who asked them to come save his village from strange monsters.

The group followed the stranger to Shuyen, a small village a days travel from Makori. The stranger could only say that these strange monsters had come from no where and were destroying their crops and threatening their homes. That his father, the magistrate, had told him to go to Makori to seek help, since the local Dragon lord was off with the army.

When the group arrived the magistrate asked them to demonstrate their worth. Wishing that Nare Duwell and his bardic skills were still with them the group managed to demonstrate enough with some friendly sparring and a few cantrips to convince him that they could handle the monsters. Saying that the monsters came every morning before dawn the party then spread out to different places to wait.

Kathren was the first to hear the buzzing of what turned out to be giant insects. 5 giant wasps appeared and headed right to her. She was stung a few times but was beginning to fend them off when the rest of the monsters appeared. 10 man sized insects, carrying staves and spears, jumped out of the brush at the edge of the village and rushed to different places in the village. Soon Kathren and Belial were both under attack. While Bobjon looked for the best place to cast his spells.

It all looked bad for a time as the wasps slipped past Kathren and into 2 cottages, attacking the sleeping villagers. And Belial could make little headway against the creatures attacking him. And some of the creatures moved past Bobjon to begin destroying the orchards.But Kathren bravely fought away from the creatures, and chased the wasps into the cottages, killing them. While Bobjon found a way to lure the creatures into place for a devastating set of fireballs.

Eventually the creatures succumbed to the blades of Belial and Kathren, or ran. Fortunately Hideki was able to save those villagers who had been harmed by the wasps and creatures. He then was able to cast a divination spell, telling the Elves that they should locate the Queen underground to end these attacks.


The group departed the next morning, searching for and locating the cave where the creatures came from. They followed the tunnel underground until they came upon 10 of the creatures industriously working on the tunnel. At first Kathren leaped to attack, killing one while the others ran off down the tunnel. They followed the creatures until they came to a much bigger cavern. Which was filled by the creatures, but they did not attack the elves, instead continued working on their jobs.

The Elves realized that the larger creatures standing across the cavern, in front of another tunnel, amazed that no creatures attacked. But that did not deter them from attacking the 2 guards. From there they fought their way down another tunnel where they were halted by a cry.

“Please, please stop killing my children!”

They did not stop, killing the last of the guards before realizing that the way out was now blocked by a a horde of the creatures. Stepping into the cavern they came face to face with the Queen. They finally restrained themselves from the slaughter and spoke to the Queen. Learning that the rest of her warriors had fallen under the spell of a shape changer, and that this creature was responsible for the attacks on the village. She only wanted to trade her fine quality silk and ornaments to the humans.


The group rushed out of the cavern and back to village. Only to find smoke and fire as the villagers and Hideki were held captive by a larger group of the warriors. The group attacked, with Belial and Kathren following up the initial barrage of fireballs cast by Bobjon. At first it seemed like it may be easy, until both warriors were surrounded, and fighting for their lives. While the shapechanger made an appearance, flying about the battlefield, attacking Bobjon.

Eventually the creatures numbers began to diminish. and the powers of the Bobjon took their toll. Until finally the shapechanger assumed it’s natural shape: an Oni (later named by Hideki) who played his final trick as the last creatures died. Charming Kathren into attacking Bobjon, knocking him unconscious. But Belial attacked the Oni, breaking the power of the charm.

Realizing that his fodder were gone, and his attempts to seize the valley were over the Oni made himself invisible and flew away before the 2 Elves could finish him. Freeing Hideki, the Elves were able to get Bobjon back to health. Soon the party took some villagers to the Queen, who introduced her people, the Thri Kreen, and established the first trade agreement, an agreement that seems destined to make the village rich.

The group now plans to return to Makori, hoping to trade in their fabulous items for other items. But they failed to recall that there is now an enemy out there, Hideyori, an Oni who will remember the Elves and how they foiled his plans.

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