It is all here (almost), where to post about it? #DnD #Miniatures #Painting

I like table top miniatures. Always have, dates back to my childhood: building, painting, and playing with military models. That was handed down from my brothers, especially my oldest brother. In fact my oldest hobby acquaintance is a guy that I remember buying said models from when I could buy a box of miniature infantry men for a dollar at Levine’s toy store. My first ‘FreeRange’ experiences were riding the bus downtown with my brothers to said store to buy models. But enough nostalgia, bottom line is I like to play with miniature figures and soldiers.

There was a time, about 14-15 years ago when I was playing a game of some kind every week at the local gathering spot. Either Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Bloodbowl, my beloved Warzone, or Clan War or something else. When Kim and I bought our house one of the big selling points was the big workshop area in the basement that I was able to convert to my hobby and painting area. All of that was the high point. Time, life, children, budget have all gradually wittled that away. But my love never went away.

I enjoy the moment in my role playing games when we pull out the miniatures for battle. I think it adds to the experience and is just more interesting. In fact probably the biggest problem I have with the Pathfinder game is how the rules have been structured in such a way to limit tactical movement.

Ever since I started playing up there I began to think about using my miniatures more. In fact I think that moment when I pulled out the map and miniatures for the boys campaign made a big difference to them. And of course being compulsive I have been frustrated that I have to rely on a poor proxy for my Pathfinder character when I go to Denver.

But then I happened across the first of this series of posts. And it inspired me, made me want to pick up a brush again. So I went out and settled on a set of paints to use. And then did some digging and found this miniature to be the closest representative of my Pathfinder character. And I ordered those, got the figure in the mail yesterday (a poor idea, ordered from Amazon when I should have ordered from my FLGS.) And will pick up the paints from my FLGS on Friday.

So this weekend (in a little time I can find between the Easter preparations) I will begin painting again, picking up my brush in anger. I want to record my progress with this (and future painting projects), the question is where should I do this? I am thinking of just posting here, but there’s a part of me that wants to use Instagram. We will see, but I imagine I will probably take my time and just use this location to post.

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