I’ll admit it didn’t start out how I hoped #Miniatures #Painting

Miniature Painting

Here is the link to my Flickr album containing pictures of my work so far. For now I am not going to insert any pictures of my progress here. I will eventually, but first 2 things have to happen.

First lesson: I have got to slow myself down, and think a little clearer before applying paint to the miniatures. Re-learn how to paint. Parts of what I did on Friday night turned out well. Other parts did not, I got a little carried away with a gray color, but the end result isn’t the worst, in fact is kind of cool considering my color limitations (Red-Green color blind.) But learning to just apply one color and then walk away, or at least pick up another figure is a real challenge.

Second Lesson: I have to put myself in a better location for painting, I forget how important lighting is. Painting in poor lighting can really screw up the end result, cause you to miss stuff. So it is not just wearing my old man cheating glasses, it is sitting and working where I can actually see.

Most importantly, I’ve got to figure out how to get the lighting and set up better when I do take pictures so what I take is worth looking at. I’m not expecting professional level photography. Especially when what I am shooting is not the best to look at. But it will take me some practice to find a good way to take presentable shots.

All of the above failures considered I did enjoy myself. Taking the time to just purge all of those old, dried up paints and brushes was cleansing. Some of those paints I had were nearly 30 years old. I need to get better at accepting that paints do get old. And I like the dropper paints over the old paint pots, mixing was kind of fun. It is still a bit tricky and will take some work to get used to.

My plan is to get my Viper figure done, then start working on new figures for the boys. Because for now this is all about miniatures for the role playing. I am not currently planning on taking up table top miniatures and painting armies any time soon. I will have to figure out how I am going to carve out the time in my schedule, but I think I can make it work.

The important thing is I did get started, I did pick up a brush and slopped on some paint, and had some fun with it. I even have some ideas for how to make the use of the miniatures more interesting for the boys on Sunday.

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