An enemy ambush, stretched to the limit #DnD

The group was settling in at Makori, living the life of professional adventurers between jobs. Belial and Kathren had turned over some precious items to an enchanter, while Bobjon had commissioned 2 items from another enchanter. That left them some time to wait while those items were being worked on. They were pleased when Nare DuWell rejoined them, with word that the Dragon army was returning to the Capital. All 4 of them were enjoying some quiet time in one of the many inns of Makori when they were approached by a distraught older man.

An Appeal for Help

The old man told them that his son and his friends had left 2 days ago for what should have been a short excursion into the Hills of Sorrow. They had a map to a ruined temple there, and they had gone in search of treasure. But there was no word, or indication that they had found the temple. The old man came to the group of Elves as the ones who had survived the Hills of Sorrow, would they please go and find his son?

While they expected that the boy and his friends were dead the group agreed to go and search for the party of explorers. There was no way they could reject a plea for help. So they equipped themselves for what should be a short journey. Belial and Kathren using mundane replacements for the items that they left with the enchanter.

A series of ambushes

About halfway into the trip, following a replacement map provided by the old man the group first encountered what was a normal event in the Hills of Sorrow. A pack of ghouls, sensing fresh meat, rushed the group. But they were no match for the combination of martial skill and fireballs deployed by the group. The attack barely broke the momentum of the groups march.

But when the ruins came into view the group saw what looked to be a more fearsome enemy. A group of well armed and armored Ogres. Rather than running the group turned to fight. It was a fearsome battle, with Nare Duwell getting knocked unconscious and exhausting all of the others. But just before what appeared to be the final exchange of blows the group was hailed from the ruins on the hilltop.

“You may have beaten my Ogres, but you have not defeated me, be aware that I shall defeat you, and make you rue the day that you ruined my plans!” These words came from the Oni that they had recently chased off from the ruins of Shu Yen.

Knowing that they were in need of a chance to recover, the group made a camp before braving the ruins. But midway through the night they were awakened by an awful bellow. wakening and readying themselves the group saw 2 Hill giants step forth from the ruins, with at least one more behind them.

Tilting at Giants

The group readied themselves, calling forth what magic they had. And it was done just in time as the giants rushed forth, accompanied by a barrage of rocks. Belial took the brunt of that initial charge, while calling upon the forces of nature to help him. Bobjon began to call forth his magic while Kathren unleashed her own fury on another giant.

Nare DuWell bravely tried to do what he could, trying to blind on giant, only to see the giant shrug off the attempt. Meanwhile the attacks of Kathren, Belial and Bobjon tok their toll, with one giant falling. Seeing the groups effectiveness Hideyori decided he need to help, coming forth and casting a spell, which put Belial to sleep. This respite allowed one of the giants to step forward, and smash Nare DuWell to the ground with a resounding set of blows.

Kathren, angered by the fall of her friend rushed over after felling another giant and knocked that one down as well, while also getting Belial back into battle. While Bobjon did his best to engage the Oni in a battle of spells.

Seeing the tide turning against him again Hideyori landed and attempted to put an end to Belial once and for all. Without knowing that Bobjon was also there, hiding in his invisibility. It was a near thing as there was a violent exchange of spells and blows before Hideyori, down to his last breaths, fled the scene as the last giant fell.

Rescue and return victorious and rich

Venturing into the ruins, after reviving Nare DuWell, the group managed to find 3 of the 5 young explorers, among them the old man’s son. They also managed to find the giants treasure trove. A vast sum of gold that the group was somehow able to lug back to Makori. They were rich again, with fine magical items soon to be theirs. But they knew, in the back of their minds, that Hideyori was out there, plotting his revenge.

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