A new friend, an enemy finally defeated

 The group bid farewell to Nare DuWell, who decided that it was better for him and his health to take the riches he earned with the group and left for a bigger, safer city. But as they whiled away their time in Makori, waiting on their enchanted items to be completed, they made a new friend: a War priest named Fish. And just as they were enjoying those wonderful new items word came to them from Shu Yen and the Thr Kreen Queen.

Greetings Elves,


I send this message in the hopes that you get it safely. I have sent these 2 messengers to you in the hopes that at least one will find you. A group of bandits have taken over Shu Yen and land around my hive.

 They seem determined to control the hive and the trade we are making. They are unwilling to negotiate and threaten to keep killing my workers if I do not cooperate with them. I do not have any Soldiers at this time and the workers cannot fight this threat.

 I trust you to understand that this is a bigger issue. Any other humans would just dismiss our plight without thought. But I ask you to come and at least negotiate with these bandits, free Shu Yen again, and my hive.

 Xree Tillxin

Thri Kreen Hive Mother

The new group, with their new companion headed to Shu Yen, and the hive to rescue both places from their new overlords. They first went to the Hive, where they encountered the Shugenja Shei Lin, and her Reapers, along with some ronin guards. WHat initially looked to be a tough fight was actually over quite quickly, as Shei Lin could not counter the fierce magical attacks of Bobjon and Fish.

From there the group split, in order to approach Shu Yen from different directions. While the guards in the village had been mobilized and alerted for attack it proved of little help under the onslaught of magic. That is until Hideyori revealed himself, using his Charm glamour to send Belial after the other party members. The initial assault of Kathren and Fish were met by the counter charge of the barbarian Dorkri. But his prowess was no help against the onslaught of magical attacks.

However, things still looked dark as the charmed Belial attacked Kathren, felling her. But the magic of Fish and Bobjon again were the difference as multiple fireballs and other magics stopped the mighty prowess of the Ronin leader and Hideyori. Once again the willingness of Bobjon to endanger and harm other group members in order to defeat their opponents was the difference.

In the end the village was freed, there was much celebration. The Queen told the group that she would soon have a group of warriors available to defend her hive and the village. And there was a promise of peace. So the group embarked back to Makori.

But along the road to Makori everything changed. The party had just begun their journey south when they felt a great magical event. As creatures of Fey ancestry, and attuned to nature and magic they could sense a massive intake of power, as if somewhere a giant being sucked in all the air, only in this case it is the feeling of magic that was sucked away. Kathren and Fish fell unconscious from the shock to their system.

Belial and Bobjon then felt a massive magical wind coming from the north. It was a massive force that knocked all living creatures flat without seeming to damage any plants, rocks or buildings. They both somehow stood their ground, until they saw the cloud. A red haze blew across the land, following the wind, and eventually passing over them, rendering them unconscious.

Returning to consciousness and finding all their items still functional the group returned to Shu Yen. Only to be shocked, as they came into a massive disaster, as the event had somehow slain 1 out of 5 beings in the village. After helping with the disposal of the bodies the group hastened to the Hive to check on the Thri Kreen, who announced that they were unaffected, but the Queen, in communication with the few other hives in the Empire, revealed that the event had inflicted these casualties across the Empire, in many places even higher numbers of dead were reported. Stunned, the group decided to remain with the Queen for now.


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