Oh oh, now I’ve gone and done it

When I was doing that little research for my rant about publishing and costs for Role playing games I went down a rabbit hole, and now I am not sure how to get back out. I have begun to look with lust and avarice at other games, I’m sorry Dungeons and Dragons, I will always love you, but you don’t give me everything I want and so my eyes wander sometimes.

D&D was and always will be my first. But it was by no means my last role playing game. After D&D I went into GURPS, which at the time certainly appealed to my interest in diversity. I then was sucked into Shadowrun. Now that was a great game, really fun system, loads of variety, and on top of it a great world. I also played some Star Wars as well. After a few years I got into Deadlands, which is still a great game, but not everyone appreciates the world. And touched on Seventh Seas. And eventually settled with Savage Worlds, which is a more heroic style GURPS in that you can play just about anything you want.

So it is not like I have dedicated my life to D&D. And in fact pretty much skipped 3, 3.5 and 4th editions of the game. But 5E really is a great system. I think it really covers anything you could ask from a fantasy role playing game. And I have enjoyed running it with the boys as their first role playing experience. And I have been enjoying the Pathfinder game (which is pretty much D&D by another name.) But I have to be honest, even with all the home campaign stuff I do with it there are some urges that D&D just doesn’t satisfy.

And then yesterday while looking at the Star Wars game on the Fantasy Flight web site my mind began to wander. From everything I have read and heard, this new system is really fun to play. And of course Star Wars is like cultural crack, my mind just springs into motion every time I hear that theme song. I just can’t help it. And with the new movie coming out this year I am even more intrigued. And Jimmy at least really enjoyed Star Wars, the movies, and the Clone Wars shows.

But then I fell deeper into the rabbit hole, and began to look at the new Shadowrun web site. I had heard some real positive things about the new system. And of course I never really lost my love of that world. I even go back and read the books from time to time. I had picked up the Third edition of the rules a while back, but was not impressed, and gave them a pass. But from everything I can read now this latest edition really works. And has more than it’s share of good introductory products. Really the biggest problem with it is introducing the world, there are no movies, and the books, while they are good, would mean asking the boys to read books.

I’m not planning anything right now (except maybe picking up a copy of the rules.) And I will have to ask myself with either world if I have the ability to keep a good game going. Because with D&D, at least with the boys, it is just a matter of crafting a few good encounters together. And I am not certain I could come up with that for either Star Wars or Shadowrun on a consistent basis. It is something I will look into, and have fun digging into. And there is no pressure either way. I am just admitting that my eyes are wandering.

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