Okay, I’ll bite, a 30 day challenge


Challenges like this are always interesting. I will do my best, there may be a few days that contain 2 posts in order to get things in.

Day 1: How I Got Started

I can’t place the exact year, I do know it was the summer between 6th & 7th grade. And I know the place, and in fact I still go there almost every year. It was a summer family reunion, at a place where every family unit had their own cabin. One of my cousin-in laws had brought this new game along. And got another cousin and I to join him & his brother. We were playing AD&D out of the box set, but with the Monster Manual.

I had a Cleric, named Thorn. He was a human. I don’t much remember the dungeon or anything about the adventure. But I do remember that we somehow slew a Dragon, which was very cool to us. Then my cousin, with his fighter, got cocky, and wanted to challenge something tougher. So the kid running the game had us fight a Xorn, this was back in the days when you just grabbed a monster out of the manual and fought it, arena style.

The fight did not go well, although Thorn survived. But my cousins fighter died, and I remember him throwing a massive fit, going outside and trying to beat up a tree.

That fall I got the box set for my birthday, the Players Handbook and Monster Manual for Xmas (I think, I know I got the Players Handbook first.) And the rest, as the say, is history.

One thought on “Okay, I’ll bite, a 30 day challenge

  1. Yay! Thanks for joining the trend and taking up the challenge! I love how your brother got you interested. One of my players, who is 16, is now hosting his own DND games. It’s nice to see that we are helping the game keep going with each new generation.


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