I like the outcasts #DnD


On to the second day

Day 2 -Favorite Playable Race

This has changed a few times over the years. But right now if I had to choose I would play a Half Orc (or Ork depending on the game.) I went through my Elf and Dwarf periods of course when I was younger, but now I like to play the outcasts.

The thing about the Half Orcs is you get the versatility of the Humans, with a little extra something. And I love the cultural implications behind the Half Orc, Something about knowing that your character was not wanted. That humans dislike you because chances are you came out of rape. And that while you are smarter than regular Orcs you are not as strong so you are constantly having to prove yourself.

It is out of the box for me because I am none of those things, being a well educated offspring of well to do parents with plenty of affection. And certainly not the toughest guy around either. You can play them as a barbarian (which is sort of what I am doing in my current game) or they could be pretty much anything else.

And probably most importantly you can play them however you want. There is no classic Half Orc in literature, like Elves, Dwarves and Halflings.

One thought on “I like the outcasts #DnD

  1. I honestly would have never thought they came out of rape lol. Interesting take on half-orcs. They do seem to be the lesser played characters. Gnomes are up there with the lesser played races as well because they are always underestimated. Thanks for sharing!


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