I just want to save the planet #DnD


On to the third post for today (I love scheduled posts.)

Day 3 – Favorite Playable Class

Being a child of the 70s I have a soft spot for Monks, because who wouldn’t want to play Bruce Lee, Kung Fu, etc. in a game? But I will have to say that unless it is a very specific type of game Monks are just not very playable. And since my first character was a Cleric I certainly have a soft spot for them. But really the one class I would likely pick is the Ranger.

I did a lot of camping out when I was younger, grew up with semi-hippie parents, attended a hippie school, and as a result learning about nature and the planet was bred into me. Plus who didn’t like Aragorn? (the books, remember I started well before the movies came out)

So yeah for me Rangers were always the coolest, and they are much better now. But the idea of the guy who lives in the wilderness, goes out of his way to protect that wilderness, is cool. Without the stuffiness of the Paladin or the Druid. He can still mix it up like a fighter when necessary, plus is often a superior archer.

There are other classes I would like to try, but a Ranger is one that I have played and definitely enjoyed.


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