I don’t play worlds, I play campaigns #DnD


Day 4 – Favorite Game World

This one’s a bit of a puzzler for me. Because I have never played D&D in what would be called a traditional Game world. I just played in campaigns. Non of them set in or following any special world rules. So it is hard to describe one as a favorite. So I guess I have to extrapolate a few things from other sources.

I am familiar with 4 main game worlds via novels set in them or just reading up on the setting: Eberron, DragonLance, Dark Sun and Forgotten Realms. I was somewhat excited for Dark Sun at first when it came out, but never actually ran in it, because it just seemed to hard for the group I was in to run in. I read the main 6 Dragonlance books early on. And it seems like the most traditional D&D setting, or at least the closest to the old school D&D. I read a couple of Eberron books, and it certainly seems like a very interesting world. Probably closer to Steampunk than traditional D&D.

But of all of those I would say the best world, or at least my favorite is Forgotten Realms. It feels like of all the settings the ‘realest’. It is the one that seemed to put the most thought into exactly how would a world, politically and economically, work when there were magic users, savage races, etc. It is the most believable system from a macro perspective of any of the D&D Game worlds. Which makes it my favorite, at least from the perspective of the books written about it.

Because I do need to stress again that none of my games ever really took place in any of these worlds. Probably the biggest reason being that none of the people I ever played with read the fiction set in these worlds. In fact I have found that to be the biggest obstacle for running a game in a specific setting, the players and GM need to be familiar with it, to get the references to places, types of creatures, events etc. to make the worlds interesting.


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