That’s an even tougher question #DnD #30DayChallenge


Day 6 – Favorite Deity

I’m assuming they are referring to game Deities, rather than personal religious views (because that would an odd thing to include in this challenge.) And that is a tough question. Because in my games Deities never really made that much of a difference. They just didn’t impact things, or even get mentioned. Or in extreme cases exist as a challenge (as an owner of the First Edition Deities & Demigods it was definitely an implied challenge to see if you could fight one of those beings.)

So I will fall back on those from the game worlds and books. Which covers Forgotten Realms deities, Dragonlance, and other Fantasy Series (like Elric, or Thieves World.) If I had to pick a Deity from those sources I would probably fall back on Vashanka from Thieves’ World. Mainly because he was the best personification of what I would imagine a pagan god would be, desperate for believers, willful, full of himself. Outside of that maybe Arioch from the Elric books, who is much the same.

I just never got into stories and books where Gods were not obnoxious jerks. I guess that comes from reading up on Viking and Greek Mythos at an early age. Because the Gods in any game world are really just different interpretations of those myths, customized to meet the world setting.


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