I do play favorites #DnD #30DayChallenge #Dice


Day 5 – Favorite set of dice/individual die

This is an odd one. Am I supposed to choose from my dice? Or do I just select a general dice type? Well I will answer it both ways.

While I am not particularly superstitious about dice I do find that I will change things out. As the child of a mathematician I know that there is no difference, that if I pick up this 20 sider and roll, then pick another 20 sider and roll the chances of a given result are always exactly the same (assuming I am not dealing with loaded dice.) But that doesn’t mean I don’t have favorites, or if I feel I am in a bad run of ‘luck’ then I will make a change. I went through 3 sets of dice in my Blood Bowl league before I settled on a set.

But really the question of favorites lies more in appearance and feel. My main D&D dice are the best looking full sets of blue dice in my bag, that is why I use them. It really makes no difference if they are ‘luckier’ than another set. It is just a matter of aesthetics.

Which of the dice types do I like to roll? That is simple, the 10 sider. For some odd reason I have always received the most consistent favorable results using that dice. When I played table top wargames and came across one that let me use 10 siders I jumped on it. If I have a choice and can use a weapon that does D10 damage I will take it. Don’t ask me why, it is just a gut feeling.

So there you go, in a word, yes. I do play favorites, both with dice types and sets of dice. I know there is no reason for it, it just happened that way.


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