I’m not Old School in all things, especially #DnD


Day 7 – Favorite Edition

First, I didn’t play 3rd or 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. I am playing Pathfinder, which I gather is effectively 3.5 Edition under a different name. So I played AD&D, along with many of the additional rules and variations, and then jumped to 5th Edition. So it is not like I have a lot of room for comparison.

All that being said, I really think that in a lot of ways we are in a Golden Age of Role Playing. Comparing the old rules sets of AD&D, or other games that were played in the 80’s and 90’s is just astounding. The new games are just so much easier to play. They leave so much more room for actual role playing it is really amazing. And more importantly there just is no need for a ton of home rules in order to make what you want in a character or campaign.

I think the biggest difference in modern systems is the way they have opened things up, especially with character design. Players no longer have to operate under so many restrictions. You want to play a Gnome Paladin? Or an Elven Barbarian, or a Halfling Wizard? Go for it. And that versatility just keeps on going in game play.

Going way back one of the reasons I turned to GURPS or eventually Savage Worlds was a search for an open system. Where game play and character creation were not so restricted. And when I came back for 5th Edition it is clear that idea was captured and brought into the new edition.

Add it all up and the answer is clear: 5th Edition is my favorite Edition for Dungeons and Dragons and the best fit for Fantasy Role playing.


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