Wow, this is a hard one #DnD #30DayChallenge


Day 8 – Favorite Character You have Played

There have been so many D&D characters, but it has been so long since I played that their names have disappeared into the smoke of campaigns past. I still remember my first character, Thorn the Cleric, but he wasn’t memorable for much beyond being the first. There were numerous ones that I never played whose names I do remember.

But my favorite characters, the ones that really stuck in my mind were from other games. Loveless, the Dwarf Street Samurai from Shadowrun, who was so packed with cyberware at the end that I had to buy extra dice. Lee, the Pit Fighter turned religious zealot Street Samurai from a Cyberpunk game. Aubry, the gladiator turned adventurer from a Space Opera campaign.

For D&D I remember my Mage who became multi-classed at the cost of turning Evil. Grey Wolf, the warrior who turned into a Shaman. And countless others whose names I don’t really remember.

Really the character I am playing in the Pathfinder game is turning into a favorite. I think the secret ingredient in making a character a favorite is longevity. You really need to play a game, character and campaign for a long time to really get your hooks into them, begin to remember their deeds. And sadly my role playing history is more notable for inconsistency than it is for long running games. Which is something I am striving for now, stay in this Denver game as long as it runs, and keep the boys game running for at least a year. I want them to get the joy of really enjoying their characters (before I crush them!!! JK not really.)


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