Oh man, so many choices and paths not taken


Day 9 – Favorite Character You Haven’t Played

Let me preface this with the fact that one of my favorite past times is making up characters. It is how I learn systems, and figure things out. Plus I read so many books and watch so many movies that I very rarely lack for a character idea. In fact I can’t think of a game that I ever joined where I had no idea what my character was about (even with pre-generated ones I have dug into them to make them my own.) So when it comes to naming a character I have not played there are a lot of options, but I will limit this to my D&D characters.

First is Flower Bright, a character I did play for one brief session before abandoning the concept as unsuited for that campaign. When I first got in 5E the first concept that caught my idea was the end of race restrictions on character classes. So I came up with this one. Flower Bright is a Gnome Monk. My idea was to play him as a young Yoda, not overwhelmingly powerful, still learning the ways of his power. But the idea of a Gnome Monk jumping and kicking around like the fight scenes in the Prequels and Clone Wars series really appealed to me.

I had another idea that spun off that. That again would only really work in 5E, that of a Paladin who approaches life as a Jedi Knight. He would try very hard to negotiate, and try not to fight, And would abhor the idea of killing unless necessary.

My last 5E idea is of a Marakoth. Marakoth is a Warlock Dragon Hunter. She follows a Dark power, but is focused on killing Dragons. Her favored weapon is a Spear, but never hesitates to use her Warlock powers as weapons.

Those are just the recent D&D characters. There are others from other systems. I was able to only briefly play a con man hacker known as Crap Game in Shadowrun. I also created an Ork Street Samurai who was trained as a boxer named Pug. Like I said I love creating characters and character concepts.

Of all of those I think the one I would most like to play would be the Paladin, but that would only work in 5E, I couldn’t play it in Pathfinder because they stick to the old Paladins must be Lawful Good. Which I don’t see this concept as, I think it might be more Lawful Neutral, but I guess it would work as Lawful Good in the right campaign (In fact I might tinker with the rules to create one this afternoon.)

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