Oh the tales, the tales that make the game #DnD #30DayChallenge


Day 10 – Craziest thing that’s happened that you saw (to party/character/your players etc)

Hmmm, let’s see there are a lot of stories. Some of them crazy, some examples of what happens when teenagers play the game, some just role playing stories.

First, let’s go back in time to the glories of AD&D. In that editions Dungeon Masters Guide there were rules for crossing over with other games, including Gamma World. For those not familiar with Gamma World it was an oddball Post Nuclear Apocalypse game where you could some overpowered weapons. Well in one game one player got a hold of the super powered Fusion Flame thrower, took it to the Underworld and laid waste to the Demon King, who had no defense since he had no Radiation save.

Then there was the GURPS game where the ‘Medic’ had an alarming tendency to critically fail his rolls, often injuring his fellow players. This same player (in a Cyberpunk setting) started the Awakening when he critically failed his ‘hacking’ roll. And in an ancient times game there was the were-dinosaur who changed into some kind of giant water dinosaur to crush the pirate ship that was attacking us (to the lament of the DM who uttered the infamous ‘but I had names of all those guys!’ cry.)

But my favorite D&D moment had to do with a little known loophole in the first edition rules. A fighter could engage in as many attacks against 1 HD or lower creatures as his level. So when the DM thought I would be upset when he threw 100 Goblins against my 10th level fighter he got a nasty surprise when I began killing 10 a turn!


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