I’m not sure I can even answer this one #DnD #30DayChallenge


Day 11 – Favorite Adventure You Have Ran

I really don’t run pre-made adventures. I ran part of the Phandelver adventure with the boys, but other than that I have never really ran a pre-made adventure before. That just isn’t my style of DM.

I want to create adventures and campaigns. And I have my own vision of what a world should be and what should be there. And last, I don’t mind getting a little Monty Haul with the boys, and you just can’t do that with the pre-made games. Because if you up the ante with treasure you have to up the ante with the monsters, and then you might as well throw out the entire adventure at that point.

To be honest, the current game I am running with the boys is the best thing I have ever run consistently run. So if you are talking about games in general, it would be this one.


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