I like it outside #DnD #30DayChallenge


Day 12 – Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

I don’t much like Dungeons. To be honest they never made much sense to me. Sure a ruined castle or temple, with some rooms and corridors to explore. Or maybe a mine, or natural cavern system. But to me, at least when it comes to Fantasy games, the outdoors is where it is at.

I just don’t much get the reasoning behind a big dungeon complex, why would someone build something like that? People don’t really build that way as a rule. I guess it would make sense to explore a dwarven mine or fortress as they are by their nature are underground creatures. But for the most part when I run games the action takes place outdoors, or maybe in a ruined building, or not ruined depending on the situation.

I don’t much like city adventures simply because I am not the best at crafting NPC’s. And that is what makes city adventures good, all the flavor from all those different people. And I just don’t have a gift for that. I wouldn’t mind if someone could create a game like that for me to run in. But the other reason I don’t much like City adventures is there aren’t enough monster types.

What it boils down to for me is that I view D&D at least as a game that is taking place on the fringes. On the edge of ‘civilization’, and the PC’s are doing their part to help clear the way for that. Stopping invasions, killing bad monsters, all of that kind of stuff. And last, I am a person who likes the outdoors, and so it is easier for me to craft a game around that.

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