Not even sure how to answer this one #DnD #30DayChallenge #StarWars


Day 13 – Favorite Trap/Puzzle

I don’t use traps or puzzles. So I really have nothing to say about this topic. Just want to say I covered it. I’m terrible at puzzles myself so devising one is just not something I will do. So there you have it.


It’s gonna be Star Wars

A few weeks back I was looking at alternate game systems to dive into at some point. I was torn between Shadowrun and Star Wars. It really comes down to what do I have a better feel for and can come up with games for the boys. While I know Shadowrun well, and know the system and general world, I just don’t think I would be able to get the boys into that world.

So I have decided to focus on Star Wars. I’ve been reading some of the novels, which are actually better than I thought. And occasionally re-watching a Clone Wars episode or 2. And of course there will be the new movie in December, which is what I will use as my impetus.

I am semi-patiently waiting for the new game set to come out from Fantasy Flight. I want to use that one as it will include the ability to use the Force, which I think is vital to being able to interest the boys. Not all of them could play Jedi, but Star Wars just isn’t Star Wars without at least someone spouting about an ancient religion.

I am taking my time right now, really getting my head into the Universe. I want my knowledge of the campaign to be almost second nature by the time I begin running the game. Not necessarily trying to script out a long campaign, but just so when I do have to wing something I can.


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