Wow, so many choices, hard to pick just one #DnD #30DayChallenge


Day 14 – Favorite NPC

There really isn’t one I can remember from any D&D adventures to be honest, probably says something about most of my D&D games. But there are a number in other games that stand out, for many different reasons.

There was the Imperial Clerk in a Space 1889 game, forget his name, but he was the most put upon NPC ever. There was Crazy Cora from a long running Deadlands campaign (with a nod to Quigley Down Under.) There was Sarge the fixer in a Shadowrun game.

But probably the one that stood out the most for me was an NPC Mr. Johnson, who became such a recurring figure in a Shadowrun game. Eventually turning into the enemy and the party’s quarry. He was masterfully played by the GM, kept us on our toes the entire time, and if I was to imagine the voice I would definitely imagine Hugo Weaving.

In my D&D games the only one I really remember was Winona the Vampire, an NPC, and enemy that somehow always seemed to elude the party. Particularly since she cast a Charm spell on my poor character and he never completely got over it.

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