Because they are really the most versatile #DnD #30DayChallenge #Undead


Day 15 – Favorite Monster (Undead)

Ghouls are my go to Undead, for one simple reason. They don’t fear the daylight. Yes zombies and Skeletons fit that too, but I prefer the ghouls. Because they don’t really any weaknesses. And if your party is not all elves (like these darn boys) they can be awful lethal.

Also they really are the closest thing to the walkers in Walking Dead, more so than the traditional D&D zombies. My only problem with them in the game I run is that the boys are all playing Elves so I can’t really take advantage of the paralysis bite.

Plus I have fun with them as I use some of these figures for ghouls. Those are miniatures from Warzone, the Children of Illian, and I like the idea of swarms of little creatures armed with bones and teeth. I just need to figure out how to beef them up properly to deal with the boys.


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