I like the Chaos bringers #DnD #30DayChallenge


Day 16 – Favorite Monster (Abberation)

One of the first post-Tolkien fantasy series I ever read was the Elric series. And then followed that up with another Moorcock series. And the big take away I got from those was the idea of Chaos, and the idea of creatures of Chaos being this almost amorphous thing that could take many shapes. I know that in traditional D&D the Demons are the big bad of Chaos. But when I got my first copy of the Fiend Folio I saw the true leaders of Chaos.

I love Slaad. I love the idea of them. The fact that they reproduce almost like Aliens. And they really are Chaos creatures, they are just random attackers and creatures. They don’t have some kind of hierarchy, or rulers, some are bigger than others but they don’t really care. They are Chaos incarnate.

And that fits the idea of an Abberation in my mind. Something not of this earth, or even within our understanding. Demons and Devils might be personifications of the dark sides of Humanity and other Humanoids. But to me an Abberation shoudl be outside of our understanding, like the Slaad.

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