What an odd subject, plus a game report #DnD #Pathfinder #30DayChallenge


Day 19 – Favorite Monster (Elemental/Plant)

I cannot imagine a category with fewer choices. I guess, depending on the system there are more than just the 4 main elementals, and there are plant creatures. But still, I would never imagine having to choose or caring enough to demand one special one from this category. So I will leave this as No Preference.

Game Report

The heroes of Whitley journeyed to Zargoza to help a rancher restore his luck. Which was an odd sounding job, so even that took some story telling. This rancher, Hernando, had a tragic story. Failed investments, blighted land, dead sheep, accidental deaths, they had all happened to the poor man.

Upon their arrival and after the first set of questions the group rode out to the swamp on his property. There Viper led them around the area as best he could. And determined that there was a Chaos creature of some kind haunting the area, poisoning the water, trees and other wildlife. But the trail was so random and kept jumping from spot to spot that ther was no way to track whatever it was.

So the group rode into town, determined to get answers from other people. It took some questioning and eventually some more healing before they arrived at what they thought might be the culprit. By then it was evening, and time to camp. So the heroes set up camp on the outskirts.

It was about midnight, soon after the watch began for Viper and Thorvald, when the monsters appeared. 2 Demons appeared out of no where, with the clear goal of killing Elly the Paladin as she slept. Viper was quick however, calling out to the party that it was time to wake, while preparing himself for battle.

Qualiki the gnome was able to capture the Succubus in a terrible enchantment right off the bat, allowing Thorvald and others to attack her while she could not fight back. Meanwhile Viper tried to keep the larger Demon in check. His attacks did not keep the creature from directing his wrath towards the unarmored Elly.

However, once the Succubus was vanquished by the hammer of Thorvald the attentions of the part were able to shift to the larger Demon. While it unleashed terrible magics, it was never able to fully focus it’s power. And when Elly was able to unleash the full fury of her powers upon it, they were soon able to send it back to the Abyss.

Having defeated the monsters who were plaguing the region the heroes were soon able to restore peace. And gave some of their money to the people to help repair the damage done by the evil creatures. For this they gained a new title, now they were also the heroes of Zargoza. And with that renown they returned to Calremont. With plans to finally seek out the package that had eluded their searches for so long.


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