Oh well this one I can sink my teeth into #DnD #30DayChallenge


Day 20 – Favorite Monster (Humanoid/Natural/Fey)

I’ve kept up the variety for the boy’s sake, but if I had my druthers they would spend the majority of their time fighting one group: Orcs. Goblins are interesting, and Hobgoblins, especially in 5E, have an appeal because of the martial training background.  And there are some Fey races that might be interesting. But really for me it is the Orcs.

The thing about Orcs is they really are versatile. You can go full on barbarian, Savage Ork Warhammer style. Where they rely on vast numbers and strength to overwhelm their enemies. But there are other options. You can delve into the mystical powers, introducing Shamans who wield great power. They could be sneaky. They could be slave masters, using other races, especially Goblins, for different roles.

I like to envision Orcs like the massive migratory ‘barbarians’ who eventually overwhelmed the Roman Empire. Sure their methods are different, some might call the uncivilized. But they bring the momentum of history. In fact that is how they will reappear in the boys game, a massive invading force, bent not so much on destruction as on resettling, claiming a shattered land for themselves.

I don’t much like the image of the dumb Orc, like some kind of brutish caveman. I like to think of them as cunning, not organized, but efficient. And while the group so far has encountered simple small bands they have not yet seen a big force, or one led by magic wielding Shaman.

That’s why I like the Orcs best, they are a great, blank slate that you can use in so many different ways. More so than pretty much any other humanoid force.


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