It is so simple, but few people realize it #30DayChallenge #DnD


Day 22 – Favorite Monster Overall

I have just 1 go to monster. When you have to introduce something that will scare the players, make them worry, and if necessary beat them down. There is just one thing to use: other player characters. Think about it, what is the most dangerous thing in the game? Sure you can look through the Monster Manual and find some scary stuff. Or some interesting things, monsters that can sneak up on the party, or gang up on them.

But when I really want to make things interesting, I bring out other characters, technically NPC’s I guess. I just think they make the most interesting opponents. You can tailor them as much as you want, show them what they could be doing differently.

If you think about it big picture, the party is probably the scariest thing around in any given game. The local monsters fear, hate them. Villains plot against them. The locals just hope they don’t turn against them. Especially when they reach a certain level, and begin to gain renown, they become the biggest monster around.


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