let’s be honest for a minute, I’m simple #30DayChallenge #DnD


Day 26 – Favorite Nonmagic Item

When I was in 7th grade I changed schools, going from a Public elementary to a private middle school that was heavily influenced by a 60’s counterculture element. And the first day everyone was sitting in a circle and introducing ourselves. When it came to me, I said my name and that I liked to study military history and such things. However, as I learned later my introduction came across more like ‘I like war!’. And I have to be honest for a minute, I still like some aspects of that, I marvel at the picture of a beautiful weapon, I like action movies, and I like books with plenty of action.

And when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons or any other role playing, I admit that I focus on combat and action. My characters are rarely if ever unprepared for action. And so if you ask me what my favorite non-magic item, I’m going to say a sword. That is kind of pat, I know.

But to continue in honesty, I rarely worry about the other stuff. I don’t much dig on making players worry about things like food, encumbrance etc. I don’t build games around puzzles or traps. Generally if people want to solve problems they will have to find a way to defeat it.


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