This world will not see his like again #30DayChallenge #DnD


Day 28 – A character you will never play ever again

Harken back to the old days of D&D, the original days of AD&D. When there were no web sites. There were magazines, but they only came out once a month. Where we teenagers had to make things up as we went along. Like I saw on one web site, those were not days of yore where everyone was low level, had few magic items if any, and it was a fun slog. No, it was not like that, instead it was wild and woolly, with an anything goes approach. And it was in that vein that Rongvald was born.

What happens when a Lawful Good Archpriest is seduced by a Succubus and a child is born of that union? We all know now that the result would be a Cambion, or potentially a Tiefling. But back in those days we flew by the seat of our pants and just made things up.

So the product of that union was a creature of volatility and strangeness. Rongvald had a choice: be a human Paladin of great power, or a Chaotic Evil demon, or claim true neutrality and gain great powers but be cursed with an ever changing shape. I chose the neutral option, which allowed him to progress as a multi-classed Fighter/Cleric/Magic user/Illusionist with Psionic abilities (yeah, I know, remember the days.)

Rongvald became a mighty warrior and leader. Founding and expanding a great Empire. Such was his might and renown that he brought forth the Demon King Demogorgon from the Abyss to challenge him. The fight was short, as both perished in the first round as Rongvald’s mighty blow cleaved the Demon, but not before falling to a Psychic blast.

When I say I will never play the character again, it is not because I hated the character. Far from it, in fact I really liked that character. But it is better to say he was retired, and lost to history. He was created in days when if we weren’t sure what to do we just made up a rule. And it is for that reason that we shall never see his like again.


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