Do I have to pick just one? #30DayChallenge #DnD


Combining the last 2 into 1 post due to the brevity of one post.

Day 29 – What is the number you always seem to roll on a D20?

You know what happens if you are raised in a family of mathematicians who also enjoy games? You learn to ignore dice rolls, knowing that whatever happens is random. From my earliest days playing Risk (one of the worst games known to man.) I knew that the odds of a given number were always the same regardless of past rolls. Which means that to this day I have a built in tendency to ignore trends on a dice result, or pay any attention to them. Which is a really long way of saying I have no idea what number I always seem to roll.

Day 30 – Best DM You’ve Had

Here is where I almost refuse to make a choice. Because I have gamed for so long, with so many different groups and players and games. Having played in all of those different scenarios I have different criteria for best.

For a D&D game full of action, but finding a good way to role play through that action my DM in Denver is the best. Mark runs a very action packed game, and encourages us to role play through our choices in combat and action. His games are not so much a story as an adventure. They are the Mad Max Fury Road of role playing.

For a great story, variety in NPC’s and more role playing in the story my buddy Forrest is great. His combats are not the best, but he runs a good campaign, tells a great story, and keeps everyone involved.

For the best at setting an atmosphere my friend Stu takes the cake. His games are probably the best I have ever been in when it came to creating an overall atmosphere. He ran a one off game of his, called Redneck the Reckoning, that felt like we had all taken hallucinogens, And everyone of his games was like that, just great at capturing the atmosphere.

As you can see, it is impossible to pick just one DM for me. There are so many different components to a good game, and so many different game styles that picking just one is pretty much impossible. So if I want a different style I know what to look for. And it also depends on the game itself. Some games call for adventure (AKA combat), others for story, others for atmosphere and mystery. So picking just one is not possible.


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