Going to try a switch with the kids #DnD #Pathfinder

I’ve been thinking about the boys campaign the past month while I took some time off. Thinking about what different systems to play, what direction I want to take the campaign. How do I improve things, is there anything I want to change?

After some thought I decided that I will give a conversion to Pathfinder a shot. It isn’t that tough really. For most of them it will just be a matter of using the converted sheets I give them. And my reading up on the commonly used items and spells so I am not taken by surprise. The basic mechanics are the same: roll a D20, try to hit a target number, apply modifiers that adjust that number up or down. To be honest I have not done a lot of things with the Advantage/Disadvantage system so it will not feel as much like a loss.

And I think that Pathfinder might suit some of them better. For combat it is a definitely a more tactical system, suited to using miniatures and thinking more about movement, flanking, maneuvers. And the monster creation system is actually a little more versatile in Pathfinder, with less of an emphasis on environmental factors to make things harder or easier.

I still like D&D, and I think it is a perfectly good system. If anything it is easier to run and play. Which is another reason I am switching to a little more complex system. I think the boys can handle something that forces them to think a little bit more. And when they are more ready for more role playing then maybe transition back to D&D.

And since my overall goal is to teach them more systems it is a good time to challenge them a little with a system that is just a little different. This will give them the chance to learn a new system without dealing with as many challenges. And then later on when I am ready to move on to Star Wars, or something else they will have gone through the learning experience at least once.

Of course I will also (ideally) be changing the game geography. I am hoping that by the weekend the basement will have dried out enough that I can run the game down there, shifting away from the table to a different arrangement. We’ll see how that goes. I am looking forward to rejoining the game in general.

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