Darkness Rising, smoke on the horizon

I had the urge to just write some fiction. So I decided to try some simple character introductions, introducing some future NPC’s for the Boy’s campaign, as well as introducing some of the themes they will be dealing with in the future. This is the first one.

Risaka felt it, deep down in her cave dwelling. First a great gathering of magic, followed by the great surge of power. Some fool of a mage must have unleashed a massive ritual. As she meditated she sought out more information out on the planes. Gradually she learned what had happened. A Phoenix mage, threatened by the powers of Chaos unleashed a ritual that he thought would wipe out Chaos. It did hurt the Chaos powers, but it took a massive toll on the population of the Empire, Initial news from the powers of the underworld seemed to make it sound as if a half or more of the population of the Empire had died.

The ritual’s power may have damaged the Chaos powers significantly, but at the cost of providing a vast amount of Negative energy. Energy that was going to only power the Undead. She could already feel the bodies beginning to rise in the world abover her. And even worse, dark powers in the Hills of Sorrow were awakening and exulting in the vast amount of energy at their disposal. The result of all this would only be a massive rise in the number of Undead creatures, and some of them with the power at their disposal to create vast armies. This could very easily mean the Empire turning into another Empire of death, ruled by creatures of the Night.

Then, at the limits of her own seeking, Risaka felt a stirring to the West. The Great Barrier that had protected the Empire in the mountains was gone, without the mages and priests to maintain it. And that meant other invasions. The savage barbaric creatures of the West would soon be flowing into the Empire as well. A massive battle for control was brewing on the horizon.

Those pitiful few remnants of the Empire would try to band together in their cities, hoping the old Scrolls would keep out the Undead. The Undead would spread out, killing everything in their path. And the savages would clash with all as they sought only the riches of the once mighty Empire. It would be a dark time indeed.

And Risaka gloried in anticipation. So many opportunities lay out there for her, just waiting to be grabbed. First she would need to resolve immediate problems. She must find those who killed her adopted son, if they still lived. But she imagined they did, the filthy outlanders. She would wait and see, they would raise their heads if they lived, she was sure of that. And while she waited she would begin to amass her power, and make her plans. And when the time came her vengeance would be awesome to behold.


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