If I pay attention I just might learn something #DnD #Pathfinder

The boys are big console players. Specifically Call of Duty, and it’s many variants. Last night James bought a new variant that is a zombie hunting game set in a variant World War One setting. I was watching Danny play it some this morning and it is awful cool. Almost wish I had the skills to play a console game. The more important take away for me though is how I could adapt a role playing game that is like one of these games.

Being old school of course, and a reformed table top miniatures player I thought of how to use my vast stock of table top miniatures. And then I thought of how my favorite game, and universe, was the Mutant Chronicles and Warzone. For which I have a very large quantity of miniatures. And I thought, hey, you know I could probably adapt a Savage Worlds setting for Mutant Chronicles. So I grabbed my book on my way to work.

Then I thought, well maybe someone else has already done that work for me. Which led to a quick google search at work, and lo and behold, there is a game coming out soon that will do just that. And now I am excited by the potential here. I still plan to run Star Wars as my next major change, because that setting is the most accessible one for them.

The other part of this that I have learned is that maybe it is time to change up a little. It is certainly possible to make the games similar to consoles, and that is something I will strive to do more of. I even came across a very interesting post a few weeks back (lost the link though) which mentioned keeping track of kills and other things in the game, and giving out little achievement awards to the players. Which is similar to what you see in video games, and might help keep the boys going as they play.

All in all I learned a couple of things over the past couple of weeks and during my down time. I think that the boys would enjoy making the game a little more console like as far as tactical combat, and handing out small awards. And I need to give them a little more credit when it comes to thinking like that. Use more one shot items, things that need to be reloaded etc. Those are all concepts they are comfortable with. I am excited to restart the game, and excited to take it all in a slightly different direction, one that is maybe a little more suited to the players.

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